These are some of the photos of our recent painting tour to Italy, Tuscany organised by Travelrite International.  We had 21 Participants, enjoyed some of the best places in Italy, including Monterosso, Levanto, Vernazza, Lucca. The second half of the tour we stayed in the historic town of San Gimignano, visting cities like Florence.

The weather, the sceneries, the food were amazing, the group was lovely and everyone had a fantastic time. The photos bring lot of happy memories…

Next year, we are planning a tour of Amalfi coast Italy..


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Painting tour of Historic towns of Southern Australia – 7th Nov – 20th Nov 2016

Painting tour of Historic towns of Southern Australia – 7th Nov – 20th Nov 2016

I recently lead a painting tour of “Historic Towns of Southern Australia” organised by Travelrite International and the Australian Artist Magazine. 13 Students, a Group Manager and myself enjoyed this 14 day tour and completed some wonderful paintings. There were some truly inspiring subjects.

Here are some of the photos of the tour

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Plein-air Painting Session – 17th April at Queanbeyan

This months plein air watercolour session was held at Queanbeyan. Despite looming clouds and threatening weather, the  day tuned out to be quite pleasant; However we managed perfect shelter under an awning and set to paint the main street of Queanbeyan.

(Please click the image view larger )

Quenabeyan_Chan_dissanayake_Plein_air (1)  Quenabeyan_Chan_dissanayake_Plein_air (3)

We started with the initial drawing which was followed with the first wash. Once everyone caught up and after a few cappuccinos  we proceeded to the final stage and adding the finishing touches. The moving cars and people didn’t bother us! It was enjoyed by everyone present.

Quenabeyan_Chan_dissanayake_Plein_air (4) Quenabeyan_Chan_dissanayake_Plein_air (5) Quenabeyan_Chan_dissanayake_Plein_air (6) Quenabeyan_Chan_dissanayake_Plein_air (7) Quenabeyan_Chan_dissanayake_Plein_air (8) Quenabeyan_Chan_dissanayake_Plein_air (10)

If the weather holds up we will do another session in May!

Historic Towns of Southern Australia

In preparation for this unique painting tour Historic Towns of Southern Australia in November this year organised by Travelrite International , I recently visited these beautiful  country towns. I started from Canberra, then heading to Wagga Wagga and Beechworth, finally arriving in Echuca. I was totally blown away by what I saw.

It would truly be a fantastic painting tour. There were so many great subjects, the hardest job was to hand pick the best locations. I couldn’t resist the temptation to do a few paintings on some of the spot!

Here are some of the photos that I would like to share with you. If you are ever considering joining the tour, I would highly recommend it and assure you it will be a truly magical experience!

Plein-air Session March 2016 at the National Arboretum

Early in the morning of  Sunday 20th March  our group settled down in front of the National Arboretum, chilling wind was not enough to put us off! I did a demonstration which was done in 2 stages. the initial was covering the lighter tones, followed by the second which was to add the mid and the darker tones. Despite early wind, the day turned out to be quite pleasant and we all enjoyed the day. The cafe’ provided with warm coffee a bonus!

arboretum1 arboretum2 arboretum3 arboretum4 arboretum5 arboretum6 arboretum7 arboretum8 arboretum9 arboretum10

Thanks to Ros, who kindly let her lovely purple jacket to keep me warm in the chilling wind. And thanks to Steve for the photo:)


Looking forward to the next session in mid April.

Plein-Air Session at Lotus Bay, Yarralumla – Sunday 18th Feb 2016

A few of us enjoyed a beautiful  morning of plein-air paintings at the Lotus Bay, Yarralumla.

2016-02-28 10.15.14 2016-02-28 10.14.51 2016-02-28 10.14.42 2016-02-28 10.14.33 2016-02-28 10.14.05 2016-02-28 10.13.38

The weather gods were very kind to us and the subject was very inspiring.


The challenge was the boats kept spinning! which
made it challenging to get a decent drawing in. First we did a small quick conceptual study of the scene, simplifying the  subject and arranging the major shapes.

ChanDissanayake_LotusBay2016-02-28 09.18

My demo

It was then time to tackle the actual painting (Half sheet watercolour). As expected the boat had now swung the other way! However we got on with the job. The day was enjoyed by

Here is the final result of my demo.

lotus bay yarralumla
lotus bay yarralumla – Final Demo


Darling Harbour – Paintings

I recently had the opportunity to be in Sydney, Darling Harbour for some work commitments. Each evening I would walk down to Darling Harbour and witness some really nice subject. The only issue was I had not brought any painting equipment!. I couldn’t resist the temptation to visit a local art supplier in the city and brought some basic art materials to do some sketching.

I didn’t really  have much, just a pad of A5 size Arches paper (Medium Texture) Small box of Schmincke watercolour block and two brushes. Here are some of the results.

My Simple Materials
My Simple Materials

This truly is a magical place, I had visited this place many times before, but probably didn’t have the vision to see them as subjects.

Overlooking Pyrmont Bridge
Overlooking Pyrmont Bridge
Over looking Pyrmont Bridge
Over looking Pyrmont Bridge
View in front of the Start City Casio.
View in front of the Start City Casio.
Victoria Builing, near Town Hall
Victoria Building, near Town Hall

I wished I had more time and more art supplies to do some more work, but these are enough to get to some larger works in my studio.

Figure Paintings in Watercolour

Expressing the figure in watercolour is walking a tightrope; arguably the most difficult medium coupled with the most challenging subject requires a calm mind and swift mark making.  All these works are produced from life using a live model with strict time limits.

My works are impressionistic, yet there is concern for proportion, light, form, and texture of physical realities.  Evoking non-physical realities are equally important.  I use expressionistic gesture and stylized marks, take liberties with colour and background to provide meaningful context for the figure.