Plein-air Session March 2016 at the National Arboretum

Early in the morning of  Sunday 20th March  our group settled down in front of the National Arboretum, chilling wind was not enough to put us off! I did a demonstration which was done in 2 stages. the initial was covering the lighter tones, followed by the second which was to add the mid and the darker tones. Despite early wind, the day turned out to be quite pleasant and we all enjoyed the day. The cafe’ provided with warm coffee a bonus!

arboretum1 arboretum2 arboretum3 arboretum4 arboretum5 arboretum6 arboretum7 arboretum8 arboretum9 arboretum10

Thanks to Ros, who kindly let her lovely purple jacket to keep me warm in the chilling wind. And thanks to Steve for the photo:)


Looking forward to the next session in mid April.


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